Site Ranking Without Links – Matt Cutts SEO

As you may know, we are not huge fans of traditional SEO techniques, including links and “assessment of the quality of the links” in such a subjective way that they actually are usually used to work against your progress. WEBSITE RANKING WITHOUT USING OFF-PAGE LINKS? YES. The current big debate in the Internet Marketing/Online […]

Search Engine Traffic Goes to Top Ranked Websites

The days of being a slave to Google’s ranking moodiness are almost behind us.  SEO barely works (a generous description on my part), is expensive and does not return enough revenue to justify the cost if you intend your website to stay commercially viable.  A few short years ago, that very notion would be considered […]

Optimize Press 2 Review

Optimize Press 2 has finally been made available to everyone who is interested in earning money online as it is an ONLINE MARKETER’S DREAM (I don’t say that lightly either). Referenced below, you will find my objective, albeit very enthusiastic, review of this nearly indispensable piece of software that does all it can to remind us […]

Common Legal Problems Launching a Website

Most people who don’t think about the common legal problems when launching a website. We have so many hats to wear to have an effective website launch that most people do not ever think about their legal compliance Website Compliance Under The Eyes of the Law Webmasters, Developers and even the average Stay-at-Home-Mother who puts […]

Top Google Ranking: SEO Secret

Top Google Ranking is an extremely difficult, if not impossible thing to get.  There are literally BILLIONS of websites that are all trying to get to the top spots on Search Engines, but don’t know the best kept secret in SEO. In fact, most so-called “SEO Professionals” have no idea what they are doing, let alone have a […]

Google Panda 4.0 update is Let Loose to Feed on Internet Marketers

Google unveiled their new update to their secret algorithm, Google Panda 4.0 and I cannot say that I didn’t see this one coming a mile away. Google, who has become such a common part of all of our lives that the corporate entity has literally become a verb, “I will Google it to find out,” wants more. […]

2 hours to make websites generate over $5,000 a month on autopilot…

It’s always refreshing to see new strategies to make money online. However, the majority of the time I’m pretty disappointed with the results. I certainly do not want to recommend anything to my loyal readers that is not going to generate a huge return on investment (ROI). How Can I Make Over $5,000.00 per month on Autopilot? My […]

Work From Home Using Internet Marketing in 2014 Part I of II

     Internet Marketing and Online Revenue Production have never been easier to learn, implement and hopefully, will be “evergreen” as it is the most effective way to manage and grow your money and short of serious Personal Privacy issues arising, have a very long and lucrative position for it and be successful in, with the ability […]

Are Out of Court Settlements Causing Google, Linkins, and Apple’s Privacy Policy Changes?

Apple’s Privacy Policy page, which was recently unveiled a new opening line, “Focus on Privacy,” which is nearly identical to LinkedIn’s long time Privacy Policy’s opening line of, ” A Focus of Privacy.”  If having remarkably similar opening lines is the preamble to a shift in the industry to reflect the current legislative and legal mood in California, more companies […]

Google Terms of Service Privacy Policy

In another example of Google’s attempt at total World Domination, Google has quietly rolled-out new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to aid in its ongoing pacification campaign against any entrepreneurial ideas that we may have as a result of the fact that Google operates in the context of a free-market economy.  But Google has […]