Yelp Reviews Corruption Allegations Exposed

Is it possible that the Yelp Reviews corruption allegations of extortion and manipulation of reviews are true? Was Yelp perpetrating a fraud when they held themselves out as the “last honest and objective review voice available online,” as we have been lead to believe?   Yes. It’s more than just possible. There is a problem at Yelp and somehow we all […]


Free Marketing Video for anyone & everyone who is an Online Entrepreneur, even if you have already made millions of dollars online, but intend to continue to make more money and keep your drive/motivational levels high, than this is a MUST SEE MARKETING VIDEO. Much of this forward thinking is what we come up with at […]

Making Money Online 2014: Part 1-The Basics

Making Money Online – The Basics behind earning a great living from your own home, working Online while acting as your own boss has literally never been easier, more lucrative or taken such a minor amount of relative energy, time and Start-up Capital to get a profitable business up and running.   Don’t worry, this is not a […]

Internet Marketing & Website Legal Violations

Internet Marketers and Owners of Websites that take any part, no matter how small, in any type of transaction between parties are not particularly popular with US Lawmakers these days.  In fact, everyone from the Obama Administration, who recently publicly declared “Online Consumer Protection” an “Administrative Priority,” to the FTC, Department of Justice, California, and […]

Online Laws & Your Website’s Legal Compliance

According to the FTC, about 90% of all websites that engage in any type of online business transactions are not in compliance with the strict new Online Business Laws & Regulations. Is yours? How To Ensure Your Website is Legally Compliant Anyone who is earning ANY money through the internet (What Constitutes a Commercial Website) […]

Best Affiliate Marketing Practices 2014

Affiliate Marketing can be extremely lucrative, and extremely difficult.  The good news is that we are starting to have a good grasp of what works and what ends up being a waste of time and money. The Best Affiliate Marketing Practices 2014 always involve the use of good content. What Exactly is Affiliate Marketing and […]

Best Niche Products in 2014

Forecasting what will be the best Niche Products in 2014 and 2015 is often difficult if you do not know what to look for to make the determination can be very difficult. Hence, we have done it for you: The Best Niche Products in 2014 & 2015 In the coaching classes offered through Esquire Digital […]

Google to Pay $19 Million For Violations to Children

Google to Pay $19 Million for violations to children, specifically, overcharging Minors who didn’t have the primary account holders consent or knowledge of the transactions, according to the Washington Post.  Federal officials on Thursday announced Google has agreed to settle for the violations after a three-year investigation by the FTC.  As part of their settlement, […]